Seeing pink is about more than breast cancer awareness or checking one’s boobies.

For me, the color pink is a reminder that I have breast cancer.

Pink is reminder that I have 2 scars on my left breast where a 1 centimeter tumor and 2 lymph nodes were removed.

Pink reminds me of the fear that shot through me when I received the call from my Doctor telling me I had breast cancer.

Pink reminds me that I have a type of breast cancer that is known to metastasize within 5 years.

Pink reminds me of the four chemo treatments that I underwent that caused my hair to fall out, my nose to bleed, my bones to ache, and my ovaries to shut down.

Pink reminds me that I still have radiation and years of hormone replacement therapy in front of me.

Pink reminds me I gave up foods that other choose to eat every single day because there is a link to consuming them and cancer.

Pink reminds me to fight.

Seeing pink on my family and friends reminds me how much they love and support me.

Seeing pink on a stranger reminds me that they probably know someone who has breast cancer.

Pink reminds me that I’m not alone in this.

The color Pink, especially in the month of October, will forever be about my fight with breast cancer.

The next time you see pink, I hope you see it a little differently.


~ Written October 2013 during breast cancer awareness month.


Pamela Head Shot


Pamela Besteman, co-founder of Beat Cancer Boat Club, is a Rower, Runner, Coach, Yogi & Cancer Thriver. She helps rowers, coxswains and coaches take their training & racing to the next level with the Yoga Edge


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